Dec 5, 2020 • 1HR 22M

Making It Up in Volume

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In “The Remnant," Jonah Goldberg, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Dispatch, syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and AEI/NRI Fellow enlists a “Cannonball Run”-style cast of stars, has-beens, and never-weres to address the most pressing issues of the day and of all-time. Is Western Civilization doomed? Is nationalism the wave of the future? Is the Pope Catholic? Will they ever find a new place to put cheese on a pizza? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Who is hotter: Ginger or Mary-Ann? Was Plato really endorsing the Republic as the ideal state? Mixing history, pop culture, rank-punditry, political philosophy, and, at times, shameless book-plugging, Goldberg and guests will have the kinds of conversations we wish they had on cable-TV shout shows. And the nudity will (almost) always be tasteful.
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Jonah flies solo once more in a podcast filled with the hottest of takes: Biden’s foot-breaking story is not only totally true – it’s also just kind of lame, weed saved George H.W. Bush’s life, and, most controversially of all, The Walking Dead still has some redeeming qualities. He also discusses why you should take John Bolton’s advice in The Dispatch seriously, and “Eurosclerosis,” the fanciest word of the day.

Show Notes:

-This week’s G-File

-The origins of Biden-Foot-Trutherism

-The week’s first Dispatch Podcast

-The Remnant with Jonathan Adler

-BREAKING: George H.W. Bush owes his life to hemp! Big If True!

-If you want… just … a font of wisdom in response to Jonah’s “I-told-you-so” moment, look no further than his Facebook page

-This week’s Remnant with Virginia Postrel; that’s the good nerd stuff, right there

-John Bolton’s piece for The Dispatch on the future of conservatism

-Jonah: “Too many Republicans just use conservatism as a tool”

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