Jun 30, 2020 • 1HR 34M

Hold My Beer People

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In “The Remnant," Jonah Goldberg, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Dispatch, syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and AEI/NRI Fellow enlists a “Cannonball Run”-style cast of stars, has-beens, and never-weres to address the most pressing issues of the day and of all-time. Is Western Civilization doomed? Is nationalism the wave of the future? Is the Pope Catholic? Will they ever find a new place to put cheese on a pizza? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Who is hotter: Ginger or Mary-Ann? Was Plato really endorsing the Republic as the ideal state? Mixing history, pop culture, rank-punditry, political philosophy, and, at times, shameless book-plugging, Goldberg and guests will have the kinds of conversations we wish they had on cable-TV shout shows. And the nudity will (almost) always be tasteful.
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On his second Remnant appearance, National Review’s Kevin Williamson travels down a series of tangent-friendly avenues with Jonah. What are statue-defacers actually accomplishing? Why are Americans “a bunch of maniacs” compared to our continental comrades? And what is Kevin’s obsession with Switzerland all about, anyway?

Show Notes:

-Kevin’s upcoming book, Big White Ghetto

-Kevin’s smash-hit, The Smallest Minority

-Kevin’s aptly-titled Tuesday newsletter, “The Tuesday”

-Houston Rockets manager tweets in support of Hong Kong protests

-China is now sterilizing Uyghurs

-U. Topia

-The genuine wackiness of Richard Delgado

-The Helvetica Type

-Stein’s Law

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