Jul 13 • 1HR 25M

Et Tu, Cooke?

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In “The Remnant," Jonah Goldberg, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Dispatch, syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and AEI/NRI Fellow enlists a “Cannonball Run”-style cast of stars, has-beens, and never-weres to address the most pressing issues of the day and of all-time. Is Western Civilization doomed? Is nationalism the wave of the future? Is the Pope Catholic? Will they ever find a new place to put cheese on a pizza? Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Who is hotter: Ginger or Mary-Ann? Was Plato really endorsing the Republic as the ideal state? Mixing history, pop culture, rank-punditry, political philosophy, and, at times, shameless book-plugging, Goldberg and guests will have the kinds of conversations we wish they had on cable-TV shout shows. And the nudity will (almost) always be tasteful.
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An unwashed Charles C.W. Cooke returns to the Remnant for a predictably rank exploration of gun rights, criminal law, and electoral politics. There’s also a deep dive into linguistics prompted by Jill Biden’s taco gaffe, an discussion of America’s fondness for elderly political figures, and an examination of whether stop and frisk policies are constitutional. How is the 2024 presidential race shaping up? Should Trump be prosecuted for his actions on January 6? And what can we do about mass shootings?

Show Notes:

- Last weekend’s Ruminant

- Jill Biden’s taco blunder

- Charlie: “Jill Biden’s ‘LatinX IncluXion Luncheon’ FiaXco”

- Bill Bryson’s Mother Tongue

- Jonah: “Where Did Biden Go Wrong?”

- Charlie: “Democrats Prepare to Throw Biden Overboard”

- Charlie on dismal polling for Trump and Biden

- Brandenburg v Ohio

- The Editors on prosecuting Trump

- James Q. Wilson: “What To Do About Crime”