Ersatz Christmas


On this episode, Jonah is joined by Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review. It’s an eclectic mix today, as the duo gets into a good deal of punditry surrounding the Trump campaign’s election challenges and then move onto the future of conservatism (or “conservatarianism” in Charlie’s case) as a whole before tying the whole thing up around the Thanksgiving theme of gratitude. As a freshly minted American living through a relatively chaotic period in our politics, what is Cooke grateful for when it comes to the U.S.? During this holiday season, Jonah thinks we might all do well to be grateful for the fact that “we still live in a country where following politics is essentially a hobby … and isn’t a matter of survival.”

Show Notes:

-Charlie’s main podcasting gig

-Charlie’s, uh, other main podcasting gig

-Florida man saves puppy from alligator

-National Review and the John Birchers

-The Conservatarian Manifesto

-Max Boot: America’s A-Team

-Randoph Bourne: “The State”

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Ditching the Seating Chart


After filing a more-spirited-than-average G-File, Jonah joins us for the weekend Ruminant. Today, he talks about how certain individuals associated with Trump seem determined to end their careers in ignominy, as well as discussing many other phenomena, such as America’s oversaturation of elites, the necessity of reading people with whom you disagree, the inadequacy of applying the left-right spectrum to American politics, what the possible consolidation of fringe-right news stations might look like, and how genuine post-Trump conservatism “is almost, in certain way, the same as [if it was] pre-Trump.” And, of course, the most exciting news in Jonah’s world right now? How a calmer political environment means that he can write about more interesting stuff.

Show Notes:

-This week’s G-File

-Tucker Carlson almost closes the circle, but doesn’t make it quite there

-The entire Dispatch team descends on the Cuomo Emmy news

-The “Iron Law of Oligarchy”

-The midweek “news”letter

-A legendary piece of Goldbergian hagiography – Gargoyles: Guardians of the Gate

-The quotable Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

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American Dynamism


Jonah’s return to The Remnant features a guest with “The most important hair in public policy,” Ryan Streeter from AEI. While Ryan’s magnificent mane isn't captured in the final product, his spot-on analysis of the causes of American stagnation (and what we can do to get out of it) certainly are. Why is fulfilling work so hard to find for a great many Americans? Which of the structures meant to stand between the individual and the government do our current policy regimes totally fail to support? Are all politicians really just heartless hacks? And what factors are the advocates of working-class Republicanism forgetting when they envision the future of the party? Lucky for us, Ryan thinks about this kind of thing for a living, and therefore has more revealing answers than you may find anywhere else.

Show Notes:

-Ryan’s page at AEI

-Imagine Blue Steel from Zoolander, but it’s Ryan’s hair

-Longstanding anti-“poaching” measures within fast food companies

-AEI’s research into civil society and volunteerism

-To Empower People: The Role of Mediating Structures in Public Policy

-Rubio and the supposed face-heel turn of “market fundamentalism”

-Ryan called some of America’s restlessness back in 2011

-The UCLA loneliness scale

-Ben Carson, doing actual interesting things while no one pays attention

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Where Do We Go Now?


Jonah the Globetrotter has once again scattered to the four winds, temporarily leaving The Remnant once more in the capable hands of David French. Today, David speaks with his good friend Yascha Mounk, contributor to The Atlantic and founder of Persuasion. Mounk talks us through the current conditions within mainstream media outlets and how those institutions have the opportunity to lower the temperature of American discourse now that Trump is leaving office. David also talks about how a Biden administration might be expected to behave, and Yascha mentions that much of the conventional wisdom about the presidential election results are not only misguided, but that they often “underestimate the intelligence of the American people.”

Show Notes:

-David’s newsletter, The French Press

-Yascha’s new publication, Persuasion

-David Shor’s 2020 postmortem

-The earliest mention of “nutpicking” that the Remnant crew could find

-Jonathan Haidt’s Heterodox Academy

-“Beirut on the Charles”

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Propeller-Beanie Punditry


This week’s Ruminant sees Jonah reach his final form, as he begins with post-election punditry before seamlessly transitioning into a brand of deep-cut, Grade A political-nerd eggheadery the likes of which are rarely seen even on this vaunted podcast. Listen as Jonah effortlessly bounces in a positively pinball-esque manner between Whittaker Chambers, Orwell, AOC, Joe Manchin, James Burham, Cicero, and obscure Italian Communist Party intellectuals, in a display that will both amaze and delight.

Show Notes:

-This week’s Wednesday “news”letter

-The genuine Friday G-File for this week

-“Second Thoughts on James Burnham”

-The Beaconsfield Position

-This week’s Remnant with Kevin Williamson

-Jonah’s column on Joe Manchin

-“That bit from Cicero”

-Jim Geraghty: “Trump was not stabbed in the back”

-The Bureaucratisation of the World by Bruno Rizzi

-Charles Murray’s By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission

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