Crazy Rich Uncles


Michael Strain, economist at the American Enterprise Institute, returns to the Remnant today to explore the strange state of the American economy. Consumer demand for goods has skyrocketed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and supply chain chaos is dominating the headlines. In these unusual times, should conservatives embrace common good capitalism, or does zombie Reaganism still have plenty to offer? For that matter, which industries have been permanently changed by the pandemic? Have our lives actually improved since March 2020? And can even the most devoted Remnant listener tolerate more than 30 minutes of Jonah and Michael rambling about Battlestar Galactica?

Show Notes:

- Michael’s page at AEI

- Michael’s previous Remnant appearance

- Jonah and Scott Lincicome kvetch about the supply chain

- Michael on the need for an economic cooldown

- Michael: “Republicans Battle Over ‘Socialism-Lite’”

- Hungary eyes

- Jonah on how politics destroyed Battlestar Galactica

Drive-Time Ruminant 8: Worst Episode Ever


The Remnant returns to the drive-time format to end the week, and the results are predictably unusual. Feast your ears on the eighth installment of this curio, in which Guy discusses the end of America’s “Remain in England” policy, Jonah ponders the appeal of cow brains and potted meat, and Ryan recounts his time as a Celtic warrior in the Irish mountains. Plenty of serious punditry is also included on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, the appeal of right-wing grifters, and the rise of victimhood culture on college campuses. Tune in for a celebration of the legendary Tom Wolfe, but stick around to learn about some of the most depressing movies ever made.

Show Notes:

- George Costanza’s prison girlfriend

- Apu Nahasapeemapetilon’s citizenship test

- The Commentary podcast on COVID panic

- Tom Wolfe’s “The Great Relearning”

- Oakland reverses its plan to defund the police

- Thursday’s shameful solo Remnant

- Wednesday’s weird G-File of weirdness

- Tom Wolfe’s brilliant Brown speech

- Jonah’s first eggheady publication

- Guy’s history of Uncommon Knowledge, featuring plenty of Wolfian goodness

- The battle of Smith College

- Alex Jones, ace reporter

- Milo Minderbinder, statue salesman

- Jonah and Steve on their departure from Fox

- The New York Times report that broke the Fox story

Generation Turnip


Isolated and sleep-deprived in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, Jonah once again attempts to fuse the classic Ruminant format with that of a supplemental episode. With the possibility that Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade, a sea change could soon occur in American politics. Using an extract from The Tyranny of Clichés (still available wherever books are sold!), Jonah explores some of the most challenging questions surrounding the jurisprudence of abortion. When does life truly begin? Why are taboos so important? And are dogmas, religious and otherwise, fundamental to the health of a civilized society?

Show Notes:

- The Morning Dispatch breaks down Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

- Jonah’s previous ruminations on abortion

- The Remnant with Will Saletan

- The (eternally underrated) Tyranny of Clichés

- Barbara Boxer’s blunder

Lives Well Wasted


After a Thanksgiving hiatus, Jonah is back and ready to break open the strategic rank punditry reserve. His guest today is Chris Stirewalt, who’s concerned with only the most important questions of the political moment: Why are Americans terrified of clowns? Is there a better parent than television? And was Pete Buttigieg raised in a refrigerator box? Serious discussion is also mixed in on what we can expect in 2024 and why Build Back Better is the “kitchen junk drawer” of policy proposals. Recent events surrounding a certain cable news network might even be mentioned.

Show Notes:

-Profit, the most important show you’ve never seen

-Build Back Better’s hypocritical tax cut


-Schoolhouse blues

-Chris on subsidizing local news

-Blind and toothless

-Woke Racism, by John McWhorter

-The Remnant with Josh Kraushaar

-The most interesting man in politics

-Why Jonah left Fox News

-Chris on digital depredations

Breaking Bread with Bahnsen


David Bahnsen, managing partner and chief investment officer at the Bahnsen Group, is back on The Remnant to explain why there really is no such thing as a free lunch, and to explore why some on the right now think we’d all be better off as serfs. With shameless book-plugging, David and Jonah also discuss the moral case for capitalism, the differences between cost-push and demand-pull inflation, and why the Japanification of the American economy won’t bode well for anyone. Zombie Reagan urges you to tune in!

Show Notes:

- David’s new book, There’s No Free Lunch

- David’s previous Remnant appearance

- David: “Sound Economics Enables Human Flourishing”

- The (still underrated) Tyranny of Clichés

- Robert Nisbet’s Prejudices

- Hayek’s “The Use of Knowledge in Society”

- Yuval Levin’s case for capitalism

- J.D. Vance’s serious nonsense

- Tucker Carlson debates Ben Shapiro on free markets

- The algebra of inflation

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