Return of the G-File


In the words of Gene Wilder, “There’s no earthly way of knowing … in which direction we are going.” That’s the mood on the latest Remnant, which sees Jonah flying solo in a second - and more streamlined - attempt at an audio G-File. Some of this is an expansion on the topics in this week's G-File, but most of it consists of unique, free-flowing observations from Jonah’s mind. Huzzah for keeping sanity during quarantine! Let us know what you think of this format on the @JonahRemnant Twitter, through Jonah at @JonahDispatch, or by email at - we want to know!

Senator Shoshana, Twitter Primadonna


Shoshana Weissmann is a Renaissance woman, and only at age 27: she’s the head of digital media at R Street Institute, a policy fellow specializing in occupational licensing, and an institution unto herself on social media. She brings a blessed breath of brevity to this episode of The Remnant, on which there is no coronavirus talk! She and Jonah touch on some hilarious job licensing restrictions (fortune tellers?), talk a little memes, a little charismatic megafauna, a little Judaism, and even a little online dating. It’s a reminder of how life was before “The Event,” so it’s really a can’t-miss.

Show Notes:

-Shoshana at R Street

-Professor Randy Barnett, Shoshana’s inspiration

-The wild world of florist licenses in Louisiana

-George Will on Jacob Maged, the immigrant dry cleaner punished by the National Recovery Administration

-The city of Annapolis’ occupational license for fortune-telling

-Shoshana stans Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

-Oklahoma’s trying to regulate your Qi

-The legendary Snapchat hotdog

-Giant prehistoric sloths

-The uniquely interesting history of Ethiopian Jews


-Michael Novak: “A neoconservative is a progressive with three teenage children.”

Jonah and Kevin's Excellent Adventure


Kevin Williamson is a man of mystery: he’s an “Eisenhower libertarian,” he’s been accused of being a D.C. insider (he lives in Texas), and (most famously) he’s a former staff writer for The Atlantic even though they only gave him one byline before firing him. Life in Kevin’s Fortress of Solitude has stayed mostly the same - even in the midst of a pandemic. Lucky for us, that means he had time to talk to Jonah about his unique political perspective, the role of government in a crisis, and how his “libertoid” opinions help him solve those mysteries of his.

Show Notes:

-Kevin’s latest book, The Smallest Minority

-Kevin’s upcoming essay collection, Big White Ghetto

-The (massively underrated) Tyranny of Cliches

-Suicide of the West (now out in paperback!)

-Adhocracy, a favorite term of Jonah and Kevin’s

-Kevin’s The End is Near

-Kevin’s claim to being an “Eisenhower libertarian”

-Douglass North’s impenetrably brilliant Violence and Social Orders

-Obama’s second inaugural: “preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.”

-The unfortunately-named philosophical paradox, “Buridan’s Ass”

-Cleta Mitchell, releasing works for consumption by the populist masses

-Kevin’s The Case Against Trump

-$25 credit from SaneBox

Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey


In order to give you all a break from the talk about the end of the world, this episode has Jonah speaking with psychologist Dr. Michele Gelfand about one of his pet-obsessions: “tight” and “loose” theories of culture. Why do places like Japan and Singapore seem to be in lockstep while the U.S. is so freewheeling? How should we tighten up, culturally, as a response to COVID? And why are Mexican teachers unions so weird? We ask the hard questions here on The Remnant, so don’t miss it.

Show Notes:

-Michele’s book, Rule Makers, Rule Breakers

-The complexity of fractals, for those who actually understand math

-Michele’s Tight-Loose Quiz

-Mexican teaching jobs are given to… teachers’ kids?

-The gum-free land of Singapore

-D.E. Brown’s list of universal traits across all human cultures

-Jonathan Haidt’s article, which then spawned a book, which then spawned a Remnant episode

-Robert Wright, The Moral Animal

-John Tooby’s “coalition instinct”

-Jonah’s Wednesday “news”letter

-Michele’s piece on COVID in the Boston Globe

-Michele’s “Honor Dictionary”

-The fascinating concept of “pluralistic ignorance”

Coronavirus vs. 2020


Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt joins The Remnant to discuss coronavirus and its impact on the 2020 election. Where does Bernie Sanders go from here? Should Joe Biden run a front porch campaign? How do Obama/Trump voters vote this time?

Show Notes:

-Chris Stirewalt

-Stirewalt's politics newsletter

-Stirewalt and Dana Perino's podcast

-The Morning Dispatch

-The Dispatch code DINGO

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