Ridley Returns


Last time Matt Ridley was on, Jonah was left with so many questions that he knew he had to get him on again in short order. So he’s here again to answer more questions on the themes of his new book, How Innovation Works. Matt talks about how bureaucracy gets in the way of innovation, not by saying no to innovators, but “by saying yes too slowly,” and presents the one bit of scientific wisdom he would pass on to a future civilization. Come for the enlightenment, stay for the LED lightbulb.

Show Notes:

-Matt’s new book, How Innovation Works; tell us on social media if you buy it!

-John Nestor’s wild ride

-Matt Ridley: speed up bureaucratic decision making

-Thomas Young, The Last Man Who Knew Everything

-Britain’s proud history of… water abstraction reform?

-Innocentive: an innovation crowdsourcing platform

-Pill cameras

-Anton Howes’ blog

-Jonah’s piece on the RadioLab debacle

-Lucretius: De Rerum Natura

-Steven Pinker: what scientific concept ought to be more widely known?

-Jevons Paradox

-The 1890 Russian Flu pandemic

Red Light, Green Light


Everything has a price - except The Remnant, of course. That’s free. But regardless, Jonah flies solo once more and shares some advice he learned from his father about how to appraise the worth of any activity in life. On that theme, it turns out that he puts little worth in political eschatology, partisan psychological research, and the dichotomy implied by the terms ‘left-” and “right-wing.”

Show Notes:

-Pastor Douglas Wilson’s show, coming soon with a Jonah Goldberg episode

-Marxist eschatology

-David French’s recent Remnant appearance

-This week’s G-File

-The worst example of left-wing political-psychological drek

-Conservatism as an Ideology

Eschatological Weeds


David French joins the Five-Timer’s Club on this edition of The Remnant. The conversation has just about the widest scope possible, including everything from end times prophecy, to Protestantism versus Restorationism, to methods for surviving the zombie apocalypse, to the blessed Snyder cut.

Show Notes:

-David’s newsletter, The French Press

-David's podcast with Sarah Isgur

-David, supposedly “breathing on the embers” of #BelieveAllWomen

-The (very involved) eschatology of Assemblies of God

-The Left Behind novel series

-The Restoration Movement

-The timelines of pre-and-post-millennialism

-The Late, Great Planet Earth

-Albrecht Durer’s fascinating series of Revelation woodcuts, Apocalypse

-Best places to be in a zombie apocalypse

-ExpressVPN.com/remnant for 3 extra months free

Fin des Époques


Amy Walter, national editor of The Cook Political Report, joins the show to talk about which polling numbers actually convey useful information during an election season. How can Trump’s job approval ratings remain relatively high, while lots of people still say they won’t vote for him? What do the parties actually need to do to keep their coalitions intact? And how strongly does Jonah feel about quality underwear? Tune in to find out.

Show Notes:

-Amy’s work at The Cook Political Report

-Amy’s podcast

-A more holistic approach to Trump’s numbers

-Negative polarization

-“Taking the parties out of politics”

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One Ticket for the Smoking Car


Jonah’s back for another roundup of the week, where he takes on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, R. R. Reno, Napoleon - that’s right, Napoleon - and many more. In addition to addressing current events, he also discusses the necessity of the right to police its own side, and how old-school leftists ruined the word “ideology” for the rest of us.

Show Notes:

-Jonah’s spat with AOC

-Suicide of the West (now out in paperback!)

-Jonathan V. Last, one of the early-on disparagers of R. R. Reno, on an old Remnant

-A Man for All Seasons: “Would you give the devil the benefit of the law?”

-The (underrated) Tyranny of Cliches

-The edition of What is Conservatism? Foreword by Jonah

-The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America

-DrinkHydrant.com/dingo for 25% off your first order

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