Mere Evangelism


Chris Stirewalt returns to The Remnant for punditry so intense it could rival the summer heat of New Orleans. Religious definitions are first on the docket, as Jonah and Chris explore the voting habits of Catholics, whether “Evangelical” is an outdated term, and the relationship between political beliefs and church attendance. Afterward, a deep dive into party politics commences, covering the GOP’s embrace of working-class men, the right’s broader commitment to bogus election fraud narratives, and how the return of radical chic could spark a new class war. Ultimately, only German words are sufficient to express Chris’ horror at our current situation.

Show Notes:

- Trash of the titans

- Chris on dumping “Evangelical”

- Making the church great again

- Catholics and politics

- The New York Times on Harvard’s atheist chaplain

- Jim Banks’ push for a working-class GOP

- Jerry Seib on the California recall

- The Emerging Democratic Majority

- An excuse for whenever you break the law

- Coincidence? I think not!

- Tucker Carlson outcrazies himself

Mau-Mauing the Wealth Taxers


On today’s Ruminant, an addled and isolated Jonah is haunted by Muppets and their irresistibly catchy songs. He’s also fascinated by the Mark Milley affair, irritated by political figures who disregard the importance of rules, and amused by elites who’ve clearly never read “Radical Chic.” Why are politicians more interested in trolling the opposition than actually doing their jobs? Was the Cigarette Smoking Man really behind the Kennedy assassination? And how many people had to sample poison berries before mankind perfected the art of cooking?

Show Notes:

- The ultimate tweet

- You’re welcome

- Wednesday’s Dispatch Podcast

- Musings of a cigarette smoking man

- Griffin on Milley

- Wednesday’s “news”letter

- The hidden law

- That gala at Anna’s

- It’s unputdownable!

- Inside Tom Wolfe’s apartment, and more… 

- The Remnant with Will Saletan on elite overproduction

- We already tax the rich

- Do CEOs make less than doctors?

- Politico annoys Jennifer Rubin

Ponnuru’s Brain


Remnant fan favorite and National Review stalwart Ramesh Ponnuru returns today for a thorough discussion of the jurisprudence of abortion and state of the pro-life movement. Although it’s easy to talk about overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey in the abstract, the real-world consequences can be difficult to envision. Jonah and Ramesh explore what a post-Roe United States could look like, touching on laws, the two parties, and public opinion. Along the way, they also examine the horrors of inflation and rise of common good originalism. Plus, all of this happens to remind Jonah of a certain Star Trek episode. 

Show Notes:

- Ramesh’s author page at National Review

- Ramesh on overturning Roe v. Wade

- The latest polling on Roe

- Barack Obama’s record on abortion

- The Remnant with David French

- Return of the eco-Wilsonians

- Rick Perlstein’s “moral panic”

- Why Ramesh isn’t worried about inflation

Advisory Ruminations


Accomplished attorney and longtime Jonah associate Shannen Coffin joins The Remnant for a deep dive into the constitutionality of Biden’s vaccine mandate and the dysfunctional state of our federal government. Together, they explore the role each branch of government should play in enforcing such a mandate, Biden’s failure to diminish the COVID culture war, and whether the conservative legal movement could fall victim to the ideology of owning the libs. Obligatory references to Robert Bork are also included. To paraphrase Lionel Hutz, can you imagine a podcast without lawyers?

Show Notes:

-Shannen on partial-birth abortion

-Andy McCarthy on Biden’s vaccine mandate

-Charlie Cooke responds to Jonah

-Jonah responds to Charlie and Andy

-The latest Ruminant

-An Act Relative to Quarantine

-The Remnant with Kevin Kosar on congressional dysfunction

-David French on partisanship and the Supreme Court

-Never Trump, by Robert Saldin and Steve Tenis

Never Forget


Jonah begins today’s Ruminant on a reflective note, recalling where he was on 9/11 and how the tragedy affected him personally and professionally. Afterward, things get ranty, as Jonah digs into the constitutionality of federal vaccine mandates, the pervasive myth that he doesn’t criticize Joe Biden, and the question of whether America should export democracy to illiberal countries. Why is neoconservatism still so misunderstood? Is Biden really a Clinton in disguise? And how have we reached the point where the classic “Sideshow Bob Roberts” episode of The Simpsons seems more like real life than a cartoon satire?

Show Notes:

- Jonah reflects on 9/11

- The Dispatch Podcast on 9/11 and Biden’s grim summer

- John Podhoretz blasts Biden’s vaccine mandate speech

- Biden flip flops on vaccine mandates

- Ben Domenech arguing for vaccine mandates in 2015

- The Remnant with Graeme Wood

- “Dictatorships and Double Standards”

- Jonah breaks down neoconservatism

- The Wednesday G-File

- The Remnant with Will Saletan

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